Making of Robocop: Creating a legend: Some images:

Alien vs Predator (Film)

To dress a predator: Predator Canon: Predator med-kit: Predator on set: Predator slice and dice Alien: Creating the Queen: Queen test on set: Building the mini-Queen: Alien cable test: Designing Predator Wolf mask: Predator maquette: Makinf of:

Doom (2016)

In-depth graphics study: Behind the scenes: Zbrush Summit: Behind the scenes music:

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic

Behind the scenes: BlizzCon 2014 Panel: BlizzCon 2014 Cinematic Screencaps only:

World of Warcraft Film

UPDATE – More ILM Material: Creating the Horde: The Visual Effects of Warcraft: Haircraft: Bringing the Orcs to Life: The future of CGI: Behind the scenes with actors: Director:

Alien Universe

Making of Aliens franchise (3 hours): Alien Resurrection Creating Ripley Clones 1-6 BTS: Bambi-burster: Alien Resurrection Newborn Design Concepts: Alien 4 Chestbursters & Victim Death Tests: Alien Resurrection Creating the Eggs: Alien Resurrection Revealing The Clones: Alien 3 Practical Effects Practical Jokes Part 2: Alien 3 Alec Gillis-Camera and Tom Woodruff Jr. Performing Suit Test:…

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Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive

Zbrush Summit 2016 – Blade and Armor: More here: Pre-production – Concept Art: Sneak Peek: Talking with the actors: A look at environment models: Motion Capture: Hair:

The Visual Effects of Iron Man

Bringing Marvel’s Iron Man to the silver screen the first time around: VFX Breakdown compilation: Behind the scenes:

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